mina residents


Unashamed worship sessions of hypnotic, acidic and industrial techno beats, aerial drones and humming chants, instigating for smoke-fueled raves and standing for gender and sexual liberation. Influenced by film scores, minimalist composers and musique concrète, and smoke-fueled raves, marum's sets denounce a great interest for both meditative soundscapes and high-energy tracks.

marum is based in Berlin but a considerable part of the cultural and artistic activity directed by them happens in Lisbon. In 2010, marum founded the Rabbit Hole collective, a cultural association that very quickly left a mark on the Portuguese capital by showcasing disruptive artistic production in the fields of performance, installation, DJing, concerts and other disciplines.

In 2016 marum gathers elements of the Rabbit Hole and Rádio Quântica crews to create what would become one of Lisbon's most talked about parties in recent years: mina. The party was conceived to be a queer, feminist and sex-positive techno rave with a strict door policy and a few simple rules that assure civility and respect for dancing bodies in the name of the original spirit of rave. At Quântica, marum does the monthly show VANTABLACK where he shares their latest musical finds as well as guest mixes and talks about club culture.

Parallel to DJing, marum is also a visual and performance artist, curator and writer, focusing their work in the intersections of gender, queer and feminist politics with digital technologies and cultures, having particularly focused on surveillance and capture technologies, cybernetics, clubbing culture and alien phenomenology. In 2016, marum initiated the experimental platform XenoEntities Network, collaborating with various museums, galleries and art spaces internationally.

marum has played at various parties, raves, festivals and radios, highlights of which are Cicciolina (Folies Pigalle, Paris), Forte Festival (Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal), QRECLAIM (Communitism, Athens), Stock5 (Rote Sonne, Munich), Herrensauna (OHM, Berlin), Lecken (Untertage, Berlin), Room 4 Resistance (://about blank, Berlin), Red Light Radio (Amsterdam), playing in venues such as Institute fur Zukunft (Leipzig), Lux (Lisbon), Maus Hábitos (Porto), Éden (Rio de Janeiro), Tresor (Berlin) and sharing bills with the likes of Alva Noto, CEM, Donato Dozzy, Haruka, madalba, Morah, Pandora's Jukebox, Stanislav Tolkachev among others.