mina residents


Born in the suburbs of Lisbon, VIEGAS got his first contact with electronic music through African kuduro. The crudeness and rawness of the sound influenced a lot of his views on what would make him interested in dance music.

One of the founding members of mina, he started DJing at Portuguese forward thinking Rabbit Hole parties a couple years ago, where he was introduced to a darker, heavier and more mental shade of techno. Later he would join Radio Quântica and start his own show Mercúrio.

Having played at some of the most cultish electronic music houses in Lisbon and Porto (like Galeria Zé dos Bois, Maus Hábitos and Lux Frágil), his sets reflect the tension between ghetto sounds, industrial metals, ebm nostalgia and a natural curiosity to keep discovering and adding variety to the mix.