Isabassi is an Italo-Brazilian electronic music composer and DJ based in Berlin. Highly inspired by industrial, chaotic and rough sounds from the surroundings of her hometown, São Paulo, and the German capital, her musicality inhales this aggressive environment and translates it through harsh and erratic drums and filled textures.

Aiming a sort of ritualistic experience to stimulate body and mind's intrinsic impulses, she explores different rhythms patterns by bringing experimental, industrial, breakbeat and dark electro influences to the dancefloor and to her autoral projects.

Settling in Berlin was key to have a closer relationship with the European music scene, where she got invited to play at significant clubs like Tresor, ://about blank, Suicide Circus and powerful parties such as mina and Obra, in Lisbon. Even so, keeping connection with Brazil, she played at one of the most active and alternative parties in São Paulo, Mamba Negra, and was featured in their online radio show, RáDIO VíRUSSS. A collaboration with She Is Sin was also developed, having performed live a few times at Loophole, a melting journey experimented through different music genres.

Isabassi is also the co-founder of Hölle, a gathering in which live electronic music performances and hand-poking tattoos come into focus, joining forces as a different event proposal in Berlin.